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Accord Associates Denver, Ltd.
Proven Professional Credit Solutions since 1996
 Serving Debtors and Creditors alike !
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Here's what people are saying about us...

Because of several unforeseen circumstances several years ago, our firm was put into a very difficult financial position. It involved debt in the high six figures and numerous creditors and their attorneys.  Accord Associates Denver, Ltd. was able to negotiate a restructuring and substantial reduction of those debts under very favorable terms. We were then able to focus on our core operations and concentrate on getting our company back on solid ground. Accord has proven to be truly instrumental in our current success and we would highly recommend their expertise to anyone in a similar situation.


National Consumer Retail Manufacturer/Distributor

Denver, CO





Accord Associates Denver was highly recommended to us by one of our affiliates. After working with Accord,  I would in turn highly recommend them to anyone who is need of their services.  They helped us resolve our debts and saved us a substantial amount of money during a difficult time.


S.Y., Business Owner - Littleton, Colorado





"I have worked with Accord Associates for years and have found this company to be professional and helpful in resolving creditor claims issues with my client businesses and assisting them in  avoiding the filing of  bankruptcy proceedings.  I recommend them highly."

Thomas J. Burns, Attorney at Law
Englewood, CO





“The clients that I have referred to Accord Associates Denver have been pleased with their integrity and forthright efforts.  Each of them has realized significant results.”


Steven M. Bush,  Attorney at Law

Denver, CO





“….On each occasion that NACM Colorado has worked with you – we arrived at an agreeable solution for all parties involved.


We appreciate the fact that you were always professional, always accessible and always responsive when we needed to communicate.  I know some of the deals we worked out required some tenacious follow up on your part to make sure what was committed to – happened.  Thanks again”


Mark Dillon,  National Association of Credit Management Colorado




"I have on several occassions recommended Accord Associates Denver, Ltd. to our clients and have consulted with them regarding our own financial matters. Mostly because of their "Cut to the Chase" approach to problem solving. I have always felt confident about their expertise, effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism."


Horace A. Lowe

Halo Law

Denver, CO




"Many of my clients have used the services of Accord Associates and have been very pleased with the professionalism and good results."


Richard D. Greengard, Attorney at Law

Issacson Rosenbaum, P.C.

Denver, CO





"Accord Associates Denver’s services are critical to those that are financially stressed as they make a difficult situation better for all parties involved and do it with the utmost integrity.  I wish all individuals or businesses that have found themselves in a difficult financial position were aware of Accord’s services rather than responding to large scale advertising of other less reputable Companies out of desperation."


Cindy Gomerdinger, CPA, Greenwood Village, CO





"We were in a very scary place in our business. We had invested in growth when the ecomomy turned on us. We were in trouble: our balance sheet was underwater and our cash flow was aweful. Accord did what they said they would do and saved us over $400,000 and negotiated for the balance to be paid over time, in one case over 24 months. We were also able to work with several of our vendors following the settlements. Accord helped save our company. Thank you Accord!"

E-commerce retailer - Wisconsin



To All Concerned:


Our retail businesses ran into hard times in the recession that followed the attack on the twin towers, followed by serious personal health issues.  Our expenditures were so much greater than our income, that bankruptcy seemed the only solution.

 A friend of a relative referred us to Accord Associates Denver, Ltd..  Upon consulting with them, a spark of hope was ignited, and we decided to forego bankruptcy, against the advice of our bankruptcy attorney, and pursue recovery!  The toughest part of our plan was convincing our landlords to participate in our recovery.  Accord Associates prevailed by working out a plan that ultimately was a “win/win” for all parties, and then convinced our landlords to participate in it.

We found our investment in Accord’s services to be fair, their relationship with us to be upbeat, honest, caring and forthright. Accord was absolutely determined to succeed on our behalf.  Their labors not only gave us the tools to save our business, but our personal investments and our home.

We highly recommend Accord Associates’ services.  We will ever be grateful we avoided the stigma of bankruptcy with their help, and we are continuing to move forward in rebuilding the business we have loved for over fifteen years.


R & J


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