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Accord Associates Denver, Ltd.
Proven Professional Credit Solutions since 1996
 Serving Debtors and Creditors alike !
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Debtor Services: Business Turnaround / Debt Negotiation:

Why allow unforseen circumstances threaten the continued success of your business?


Acord Associates Denver, Ltd. employs proven methods that have been cultivated from many years of experience, to both the debtor's and creditor's advantage, despite  any  antagonistic  history.   This system has been proven effective, especially where debtors have given up all reasonable hope of an acceptable solution to their financial health.

Over the years, we have seen many good businesses have unforeseen sets of events affect their affairs in disastrous ways.  Bankruptcy and/or litigation are not attractive options for anyone involved. Today, businesses as large as publicly traded corporations and as small as local, family owned operations and individuals have been taking advantage of our unique services.  We know how dramatic it can be when fast paced or unexpected changes affect a business.  This is the most crucial time to take charge of a problem by having Accord step in to change the stauts quo.


Call us today at:

(303) 683-6434





Whether simply 1 or hundreds of debts, to reach a negotiated settlement(s) with a creditor(s), the attorney or collection agency representing a creditor on behalf of a business debtor.



We will discuss/meet with the client to review all of the facts regarding the debt origination.  We then undertake a financial analysis to determine the extent of the client’s hardship and make contact with the creditor(s).  In most all cases we can not only reduce the debts but extend the settlement payments over a period of time as well.  



The cost is ALWAYS based on success.  In some instances a small percentage fee is charged of the actual amount by which the debt is reduced.  In other cases a flat success fee may be charged.  There is never a fee if an acceptable work out is not reached.


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