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Accord Associates Denver, Ltd.
Proven Professional Credit Solutions since 1996
 Serving Debtors and Creditors alike !
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Creditor Services: Credit Review Report / Collections / Consulting:


Credit Review Report 
As more and more small to mid-size companies can't afford to maintain an on staff Credit Manager, Accord Associates Denver, Ltd. provides a real time and individually focused credit evaluation and discovery service via our Credit Review Report. We conduct a thorough examination of our client's prospective customer/client or existing customer/client in a customizable process that will examine:

  • Business legal entity
  • Legal/law suit issues
  • Current perfected securitization
  • Financial analysis evaluation
  • Other credit determinant factors
We then provide a concise opinion/recommendation based on both information gathered and made available by our client. At our clients request, we can also contact their new/existing account directly to gather further information.  The Credit Review Report can greatly reduce our client's exposure risk, speed up DSO, reduce write-offs and legal expense and provide recommendations on utilizing various instruments to
For a limited time New Clients can receive their 1st Credit Review Report absolutelyFREE!
Commercial Collections 
Having had many years of successful credit resolution efforts, Accord Associates Denver, Ltd. offers our clients Commercial Collection Services for accounts that are beyond acceptable terms. Accord offers a VERY attractive representation rate on accounts over $10,000.00. 
Credit Management Consulting
With all the combined years of Commercial Credit experience, Accord Associates Denver, Ltd. provides exceptional Consultation Services for any size business.
Whether setting up an A/R Department, revising methodologies and Credit Management logistics or simple consultation on a single issue, Accord Associates Denver, Ltd. delivers realistic evaluation and recommendations based on many years of successful Credit Management experience.



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